This website is a big work in progress.

The eventual goal is to turn this into more than just a blog with helpful resources. I want to turn it into a wordpress development company pumping out plugins and themes that help make it more usable for the whole ecosystem.

But, who am I?

I’m Marc 👋 I own, operate, and serve as lead developer for a small web design agency.

We have 10 employees and use WordPress as our main CMS platform. Our clients love it and we’ve had a lot of fun learning how to make it better through our custom theme and plugins.

WordPress isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

We’ve had our fair share of crappy documentation and common issues that we run into a lot.

The purpose of the blog section of this website is to create a quick resource for us and other people on how to solve the things we see everyday. Some of the stuff we write about might not be specifically related to WordPress, some might be server or general coding principles, but it will all be things that we’ve encoutered in the wild while making websites better for clients.

We want to make the web better for everyone, and that’s the real reason we’re doing this.