How To Add A Widget To Display Recent Posts From The Current Category

Well, this is a very specific need.

In starting this blog, while I’m really just doing this as more of a professional/career type journal, it would be nice if I keep the future possibilities in mind. I already know a lot about SEO and stuff that goes into that, so I want to set this up for the future.

Authority websites are where it’s at!

An authority website has more potential to rank highly on Google. They’re called that because they’re seen by many, and possibly/definitely Google, as the authority on a topic.

So, they rank higher!

I won’t go too far into the topic, but one strategy for organizing posts on your site is called the “silo structure”. That’s when posts of a certain category stay within their category or silo. You should do your best to only interlink posts of the same silo.

And that’s why I wanted an easy way to replace the “Recent Posts” widget – because that shows posts from ALL categories or siloes, which we do not want.

A quick search lead me to find this plugin, which does exactly that!

It’s very easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do. The only issues I found is that if you’re on the blog post page, it doesn’t show any posts. That makes sense as there’s no category for that page.

Here’s the backend of the widget. It’s super simple and exactly what I needed.

And this is what it did on the front end of the site. Perfect!

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